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Boy, I sure opened up a can of worms with my last post!!  Lots of comments came in and my post inspired other, some very impassioned, posts.   This is what is so wonderful about the internet and the blogosphere.   If you want to know what it was all about, then just scroll down and read it all, including all the commentary.  It has been great!   And I am gratified that there were no trolls, no hate and discontent, just impassioned and informed “oratory.”

So, without further ado, I’m changing the subject.

Below, another “Bouquet you can only have if you are gardener.”   I call this “A Portrait of an August Garden.”


There was something about celebrating 24 years together on Monday that resulted in a major shift in focus.   On Tuesday morning, I found a thought like this going on in my head:  “This is the first day of our 25th year together and I’m not going through it with a filthy house.”   This thought may have been caused by the fact that I could not really see through my kitchen window when I was making coffee.  I have lots of excuses for why I haven’t done anything about the situation vis a vis the windows since early this spring, all of them can be found outside, in the gardens and on the rivers.

Anyway, the result as been a massive deep cleaning undertaking.   I am about two thirds done with the project.   Windows have been washed, the stove scrubbed, I even vacuumed under the bed (Gasp!).   I have even been washing baseboards, and some walls.  I discovered that when I tell Ruby to “Sit” before I have her come in the house, the happy tail she is wagging when she does come in has lots of dirt on it.   I also discovered that if you are not wearing your glasses when you proceed around your rather half-blind way about the abode, you don’t really notice all those little micro-dots of dirt and dried mud the dog has spattered about at knee level.

I have been in quest of a proper photo for the latest Gardening Gone Wild photo contest, which is “On Your Knees”, a challenge to look at your garden from another level than usual.   This new habit I have developed, that of crawling around on my knees or even lying on my back in the lawn in an attempt to get a different view of the gardens has made Ruby both confused and happy.   “Oh, you are down on my level, crawling around.  How cool is that?  Are you okay?  I don’t know but I like it.”


I haven’t gotten what I consider to be an award winning photo as yet, and I am starting to think that the only way I’m going to get across the “grass texture” image that I have in my head is to paint it, because the camera sure as heck isn’t capturing it.

Also, I have to report that the fears for Smokey’s imminent demise were premature, perhaps even exaggerated.   He has decided he is just fine, thank you, and if we would put food in his bowl he will eat it.   More would be better.   We think he may have had a sore throat, some sort of kitty swine flu or something.  At any rate, he never had a fever, and he never quit drinking water, and every day he would drag himself out to the pond and sleep under the forsythia there.  Now he has started to put back on the weight he lost last week, and so I feel safe in saying he will be around for a while longer.    We are relieved.

Now, I must get back to my project.   I want to clean my bedroom today.   This means I am going to be removing curtains and washing them, and taking the miniblinds out and doing something to remove the dirt from them, and probably discommoding a number of spiders while I deal with the accumulated dust of centuries.

Okay, maybe that last was a bit over the top.   But you get the picture.

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