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Our assignment for this month’s Gardening Gone Wild “Picture This” contest was to try to find a new way to look at our gardens from on our knees.   At first I thought this was a very unique idea.  Then I thought that there is nothing new about seeing a garden from on your knees — if you are a gardener.   After all, I spend at least half my time in the garden on my knees weeding and planting.  It is not odd for me to find all sorts of things to capture my attention during these activities.  Then I thought, “Gosh, those guys are right.   I’m almost always taking a picture from the “view level” unless there’s something like the mantis capturing my attention.”

This is a praying mantis I found hunting on my balloon flowers last year.   I was on my knees at the time, weeding that bed, and I took the photo from the same position.

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