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Well, after a week of concentrated effort, my house is now sufficiently clean.  Yesterday I finally did the last big dusting job, the display shelves in the living room where most of my vase collection and quite a few dragons live.  I looked at the shell collection and decided that even though it is probably very dirty, I am not going to address it at this time.   Then I  cleaned my altar, which is usually the last thing I do when I am doing a huge project like this.

So you can imagine my feelings when I found that during the night Smokey had crapped in the cat box (good) which rendered it unacceptable for any further use for the night.   Which meant that he peed next to it twice (bad).   At least he went in the bathroom where there is a tiled floor, rather than using the carpet in the hall or some other place.    I spent an enjoyable few moments cleaning the floor in the bathroom, which I had JUST done thoroughly no more than three days previously.

While I was engaged in that task, I heard my darling husband beginning the coffee making ritual.   Ah, the peace of the scrubbing was disturbed by the sounds of breaking glass and the dulcet tones of my husband declaiming “Damn it!”    My immediate thought was “I knew I should have ordered two coffee pots the last time I replaced the broken Chemex.”

I emerged from the bathroom to find my barefoot husband rooted to the floor while he was desperately trying to put the pieces of the coffee pot in some semblance of order so he could tell if he had found all the big ones before he started walking around.    “There’s a big piece missing,” he said helpfully, as I joined in the search.   The fact that I was not only barefoot but totally naked escaped my consciousness as I began hunting for the missing pieces.

“Oh, there’s a whole lot of it over here in the dining room,” I said.  I retrieved them and he added them to the collection in the pot.  Then I got the broom and started sweeping.   Shortly after that I decided that perhaps my new vacuum cleaner would be a better choice, so I went and got that and got the kitchen and dining room floors vacuumed.    Again.   I just did that yesterday, and in my book floors do not need to be vacuumed more than once a week.

I then realized that I was not exercising sufficient caution about my own bare feet, but fortunately I did not find any shards of glass with them.  I went off to get dressed while Jim made coffee in the drip coffee maker (the inferior method of making coffee but inferior coffee is better than no coffee).   Yes, we are coffee snobs, to the point that we buy green organic beans and roast them ourselves just before we make coffee.   Don’t ask, it is  really bad when you get to this point of coffee snobbery.

However, we are picking the Marechal Foch grapes today.   They are very good, quite ripe indeed and full of sugar.  The bees have discovered them, as well as the wasps, and so far we have not discovered any good way to keep the pollinators out of the grapes.  Not that we really want to.

24August2008 007

That picture was taken last year, but a similar thing is going on right now.   And how can I be upset that the honeybees are busy getting their winter’s supply of honey from the grapes that would not be there at all if they had not busily pollinated them in the spring?  They do some damage, but they leave plenty of juice in the grapes they pierce, so the loss of juice is not the issue.  The issue is once the grape is open to the air by the hole, it proceeds to mold and ferment.   So we are picking the grapes today.

Perhaps tomorrow I will put up a post all about that.   Meanwhile, have a wonderful day.

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