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Oh, we love our computers but sometimes they do things that are absolutely frustrating, annoying and extremely puzzling.

We have a Macintosh.  Yesterday the computer was fine.   This evening it is fine except for one thing.

It has decided that it can no longer recognize photo files.   It can recognize photos that it already has on iPhoto.   But it can’t import them from anywhere any more.   It cannot read a file off a CD even though the CD was made on the computer using photos that were on iPhoto.   It cannot download pictures from my cameras even though we have reloaded the software for the cameras.   You can look at pictures from your cd on preview, and you can move them to the desktop.  But you can’t take them into iPhoto.  We haven’t tried the scanner yet, but I suspect that the answer would be the same.

We have not actually contacted Apple tech support yet, because just to talk to an actual person of that description would cost us $49.95.  I think you should support your products when there are problems, especially when they are so dear to acquire in the first place, and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Jim suspects that this may be Apple’s way to force us to purchase iLife 09, which is the updated version of  the software bundle we already have.  Personally, I don’t see why we should have to buy new software when the old stuff works just fine, especially since our budget is really tight right now.

Anybody have any ideas about what may be going on??

We had quite a line of storms race through here last night.   They spawned a couple of smallish tornadoes, none in our immediate area.  But we had some amazing straight line winds, with gusts in excess of 30 knots (60 kph).   For a while the rain was coming down sideways.  Literally.    We got 2 inches of rain in about an hour.   The front that went through left us with a grand cool day today, and tonight we are enjoying a cool, calm. very starry night.

The dog walk was extremely pleasant.   Ruby found a turkey wing feather and brought it to me proudly, presenting it to me as the prize it was.   I figure that during the storm last night, the turkeys were disturbed by the severe weather and perhaps somebody whacked their wing against a branch.   It is also molting season.

Last night when we came home from our walk we saw the great horned owl make a hunting pass over the back yard.   We have a very fat and sassy looking wood chuck investigating the place.   I think he may be considering moving into the den I created a couple of summers ago when I found an amazing hollow piece of driftwood on the river.   I hauled it home and laid it next to a big pile of dirt we had already put out on the back line.  Then I piled a whole bunch of rocks over and around the log, and covered the whole mess with about a foot of dirt.   Last winter we had a skunk living there, and I think Sir Woodchuck is thinking about moving into that little piece of habitat.

The grapes we picked are busy becoming wine.   The yeast really kicked in this morning, and all day the vapor lock on the primary fermenter has been ticking away like a cartoon bomb ready to go off.   When you walk into the house, you get a whiff of yeasty wine, which becomes almost overwhelmingly strong when you walk into the dining/family room.    I keep looking for the dripping faucet because of the ticking noise.    This level of fermentation activity should slow down in a few days.   It is so cool to know that wine is making right here in front of our very eyes and ears and noses.   Meanwhile, I’m sipping on some pretty nice Chardonnay that Jim made from a kit earlier this summer.  I like drinking wine and beer of which I know the exact ingredients.   Haven’t had a sulfite headache in months.

I spent over an hour yesterday morning doing something I have never done before in my life.   We are going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant tomorrow night while we are in St. Louis, and I awoke musing on the large changes that have been going on weight-wise.  The thought “I should see how that dress I’m thinking of wearing hangs.   I might need to do something about the waist,”  crossing my consciousness.  I arose from my bed and immediately tried on the dress.   It looked fantastic, better than it did when I made it or any time since.   This was so nifty that I was moved to try on a skirt that has been hanging in the back of the closet for a while, and it fit like a dream.   Somehow, I spent over an hour trying on dress after formal dress after skirt, swanning about in front of the full length mirrors.   Jim found this rather diverting as I was not particularly careful about completing each ensemble, quite often modeling only a skirt sans any other garment.   Suddenly it was 15 minutes before my first client was supposed to arrive and I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee much less had breakfast.   I never do this sort of thing, must be getting light headed or something.

This is the dress.  In this photo I was wearing it at the Sail Away party when we were on our way to Lisbon and Sevilla, March 2008:

Sail-away party

Well.  I am going to wear that dress tomorrow for sure, and it doesn’t need anything done to it at all.   It looks fabulous, quite different from the photo above.    It is becoming obvious that I need to invest in some smaller slacks.   I just bought some smaller slacks a month ago, and they are already hanging on my hips; if I put keys in the pockets I’m in danger of them falling off.  I think I’m going to install a smaller piece of elastic or a drawstring in those, and just wait to buy any more clothing until I am done with this process.      Meanwhile, I need to take in the elastic on the skirts I made for the cruise, but I’ll wait for that too.   I have plenty of others with drawstrings so I don’t really need them for now.

I went to my hairdresser/friend Anita today and had my hair cut off.   I think it looks pretty darn cute, and it feels all light and cool and airy. We did manage to figure out a way to get pictures to a place where I can put them on the blog, without iPhoto.  It’s cumbersome, but at least I can share my new do.


Well, I’ll catch up with you later.   Jim wants to check the Mac forum to see if somebody has a clue what the heck is going on with our machine.

Ta ta for now.

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