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Today the Photohunter theme is ripples.   I’ve got ripples. . . Water:


Wave marks in the bank of the Colorado River:

Future ripplestone 2

What those might look like a million years from now:




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Saturday’s news

Yesterday we went up to St. Louis so I could take Jim to the airport.  He is off to Wyoming for a business conference with his partners in the rental property they own and manage in California.

We took the opportunity to go out for a fancy dinner as a combination celebration of our 24th anniversary, which was a couple of weeks ago, and Jim’s birthday, which is next month.   We went to our favorite Italian restaurant on the Hill, Giovanni’s.   This place is not for the faint of heart or shallow of pocket.   It is very elegant, very expensive and the food is dynamite.  We are pretty sure they have a tickler file on their customers who make reservations, because the waiter always seems to be aware of our preferences, and we get greeted as old friends when we arrive, even though we don’t go there that often.  After all, it is 120 miles to St. Louis from here.   You don’t just up and drive that distance for a dinner out at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, dinner was superb, as usual.

It should be very interesting being on my own for a few days.  Because I have the house to myself, I have deceded to engage in an experiment.  I will report about it on Monday.

Inspired by a post from Casa az, I have decided to see how it is to have a 24 hour period of solitude.   No talking to other people, no TV, no music, no reading, no internet, no email, no phone.    I intend to turn the ringer off on the phone and leave the computer untouched for the duration.

I’m actually not sure I can truly accomplish this feat of self discipline.

Meanwhile, in aid of this experiment, I scheduled Sunday’s post in advance so I will not miss the day of NaBloPoMo posting, although I’m not sure if this is in accordance with the “post every day” rule for that exercise.  I think this exercise is more important.

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