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Many years ago I took on the responsibility of taking care of a flock of grey-cheeked parakeets that were being kept for breeding for the pet trade.  We did not clip the flock’s wings, as they lived in an aviary with an “air lock” entry.  But the pet bird that my sister had regularly had its wings clipped, and I have seen other pet birds the same way.

Why do we clip their wings?   It is for their safety, as they are not aware of the dangers of the big wide world since they have always lived in captivity.   But their instinct is to fly free, to soar, to look down on the world and explore it from above in a way that we can never understand.

The saddest thing I ever saw was a Harpy eagle captive in a huge and beautiful aviary at a bird park in Germany.   Her tortured soul brooded out of her eyes, so fierce and yet so sad.

I have a client who loves to ride a motorcycle, he has done it all his adult life.  His wife used to ride with him, but he wrecked a couple of times (without her on the bike) and she decided it wasn’t safe enough for her to participate any longer.   So he continued on his own and in the company of like minded people, going on treks about the area, having a wonderful time.

Recently, he wrecked his bike again, in the process he broke a few ribs and bruised his foot and calf.   He didn’t get massage while his ribs were healing, and recently he got in contact with me to schedule a session.   Naturally, I asked if his bike had been repaired, and his answer was “I got such HELL I sold my bike.”

This strikes me as so wrong.   This was something he loved to do, it made him feel a little wild and very free.  Now in the name of safety his wife has bitched him out so bad he has given up one of the major pleasures of his life.   This is not the first thing he has given up because of her.  Every time he does give something up, a little vitality gets drained from his soul.

I think this happens to more people than we know.

My own parents made a pact years ago.  My dad loves to hike and climb in the high country.   He is 84.   It isn’t exactly a safe thing for him to do, but to be forced to give it up would kill an essential part of  his soul.   My mother loves her cattle.   She is 81.   It isn’t exactly a safe thing for her to be working cattle at her age, but to be forced to give it up would kill an essential part of her soul.   They discussed these loves, and others, and they decided that they were cool with accepting the risk of death or injury in exchange for having whole souls.

My parents may have other problems, difficulties in communicating effectively is one of them.    But at least they understand the essential danger and wrongness of clipping the soul’s wings.

I am sad for my client, to see his wings clipped by the person he loves, to see his spirit that loves to fly free held captive in a beautiful aviary.

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