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The IT Guy is Back

Well, I retrieved the IT Guy from St. Louis last night.   As I mentioned in the comments section previously, he immediately ascertained that I was in none to good a humor, considering that I met him and said, “Hi dear.   I hate this fucking airport.   The signs are so confusing I always have to go around because I miss the damn  parking turn off.”

We went to dinner and he prescribed a margarita, which worked like a charm.   Then he drove us home.

This morning he got up bright and early, checked the sugar content on the Baco noir grapes and decided they are ready to pick.  Then he came in and talked to the computer for a while and managed to convince it that it could not only see the cameras again, but it could also find the pictures that were already loaded up onto it.    Now that is pretty cool, if  I say so myself, even though in the process we managed to lose the pictures I got early this morning of an immature Cooper’s hawk that was investigating the possibilities of the bird feeder.   She still had a little baby fluff at the back of her head and shoulders.   I was alerted to her presence by all the cursing and shrieking the jays were doing coupled with the worried chatter of the whole finch flock which had decamped to the elms for shelter.

In celebration of the fact that I have iPhoto again, I am prepared to delight you with a few shots I took today while I was out and about.

First off, the there are Monarch butterflies around.   I have caterpillars on my milkweed, and adults sipping nectar.   I liked this combination of the old and worn butterfly sitting on the tattered and worn zinnia.


Right near this zinnia, the sedums are opening, and the bees think that is peachy.



While I was taking pictures of the pollinators at work, I noticed how my thyme walk has progressed.   Just for fun, this is a picture of it taken shortly after I finished establishing the flagstones and planting the thyme.

20August2008 012

This is the same path, almost exactly one year later, taken today.


I was out by the pond and noticed that the big old fishing spider that had taken the pond as her hunting ground has had babies and they are doing quite nicely.


I know the arachnophobes might find that shot scary, but this one is the picture that scares me.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I hear you say.  “What is so darned scary about that?”

Look closely at that picture.    In the center there is a plant with purple flower clusters.   That is chocolate mint.  It has climbed about three feet up into the grapevines that dress that fence.   And if that doesn’t scare you, you’ve never had a garden taken over by mint.   I find it terrifying that the chocolate mint doesn’t just sprawl across the ground, it climbs too.

Hey, we’re going to have a thunderstorm.   Just in time, the Petite prairie needs to be watered.


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