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Just a quickie today.   I’m so sore.   Geez.

See, I’ve been walking Ruby about 4 miles every day for months.   When I walk on the treadmill in a hotel gym, I can easily do 15 minute miles.   When I am walking Ruby I start thinking and I eventually slow down, and the fastest I have been able to really sustain for the whole walk is 17 minute miles.

Last night I decided that I was going to see what I had to do to speed it up, and I decided that probably a run/walk would work.

I discovered two things last night.   One is that my old sports bra is too big now and it doesn’t do what it is supposed to at all.   Under the stress of running my boobs fall out the bottom under that band that is supposed to contain and support them.   So I need a new sports bra.  The other is that doing a run/walk does get me to 15 minute miles for 4 miles.   That was boss.

What I discovered this morning is that running is not walking.   I haven’t run farther than for the phone for over 20 years, and I have muscles that are telling me about that.   It’s not fair.  I didn’t run that far, probably only one mile out of the whole four.   I figured that I was in pretty good shape since I have been walking four miles and working in the garden and not just sitting around.

Okay.   Running is not walking.   You’d think it used the same muscles, but apparently not.  At least not in the same way.

I’m not going to stop.   For the first time in 20 years I am light enough to run without tearing my knees and ankles up and I’m going to keep on doing it.  It felt GOOD to have my heart pounding and breath gasping and challenging my aging body.   At least it did last night.   Not so good today, but it is a good sore.

Thanks to all those people who have inspired me to challenge myself more, either by word or example:  Woo, Sledpress, Azahar, Nursemyra.   This is all your fault.  Watch out.   Pumping iron is next.

And I thought running made me sore.

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