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Photo hunt: Upside down

Today the theme for the Photohunters is “Upside down.”

In a way I feel like possibly I am trying to find a way to incorporate cats into every photo hunt.   This is a picture of Mike turned upside down.   This position was in no way an invitation to rub his belly.  It was an expression of love and trust, but if you were so unfortunate as to believe that in exposing his soft belly to you he was telling you it was okay to actually touch it, you would find yourself with a ball of cat sternly and firmly wrapped around your hand with all the claws extended.   He would not actually pierce your skin unless you persisted in your demeaning and invasive movements, but you had to be very still and say “Okay, okay, I quit,” and then he would allow you to pull your hand away slowly past the still extended claws.  It could be a rather painful experience, but Mike was not one to have his personage trifled with.

dead cat

I also discovered this picture I managed to get of Jesse in the middle of performing a backwards flip.

WI and IA May06 262

Try to find time to visit the other photohunters.  There are usually a lot of really fun pictures.   I have to say that one of my favorite series can be found here, at Alice Audrey’s blog.   If you click on “Jack and Jill” under her archives, there is a whole series of these little funnies.

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