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I’m way behind on reading other people’s blogs and commenting right now, but the reason is because a lot of stuff is going on.  Jesse is home on leave, sort of.   He is on leave but is not home much as yet.   There are friends of the female persuasion that must be visited.   Enough said.

We have been working like maniacs on the strawberry bed wall.   This is the way it looked yesterday afternoon.


I went floating on Sunday with Jeri and her daughter Heather, along with Mabel, Maria, Michelle, JD, Cody, and Marshmallow (the dog).  It was one of those splendid fall days that are actually quite rare.   The river was high due to the rain we had earlier this week, so the current made it possible for us to be truly floating; no-one was working very hard.   We had to be creative about the gravel bars because there really weren’t very many to stop on being as how they were all under water.   Even though it was fairly crisp in the morning, by the time we hit the water the temperatures were in the 80s.  We were saved from being too hot by the fact that the river water was rather cold since it was fresh run-off that had not had a lot of hot days to warm it up.   The really amazing thing was that there was not a cloud in the sky.   A completely cloudless day is pretty rare on the Ozark Plateau, actually.


That is Jeri in her Wildfire canoe with Marshmallow in the back.  Following is one of the gravel bars we stopped on.


This is a significant picture.   I know I must have mentioned that Jay and Jeri are moving to Costa Rica; their departure is scheduled for early next month.  It is difficult to deal with your best friend moving to another country, trust me on this.   Jim and I are both going through a lot of adjustment even though we will be visiting them at their new home it will not be the same as having them down the road to float with and cook with and just generally hang out and bullshit with.  It is quite likely that the float yesterday was one of the last ones we will ever make together on the Niangua.   To say my feelings were mixed is an understatement.

While we were on that gravel bar, I found a few very significant rocks, and I picked them up with the express intent of placing them into the new rock wall we are building to enclose the strawberry beds.    Below is the section of wall I where placed the three rocks I picked up on that gravel bar on Sunday.  They are the long narrow striped one and the two large ones that are under it.


Following is the completed wall around the strawberry beds.   We finished it this afternoon.  I had no massage appointments and it is a darned good thing.   After hefting all that mortar and rock, I’m not sure I could have given a decent massage.


There are a couple of features in the wall that just sort of happened.   There are a couple of uneven-esses in then height of the walls.  In the corner nearest us in the picture above, you may notice that the corner rock is quite a bit higher than the rest of the wall.   Well, that rock just got placed there while the tall corner forms were up and nobody noticed just exactly how much higher it was than the guidelines on the outside of the form.   We decided that this was going to be the “traditional” break in the pattern that allows energy to escape.  It turns out it makes a pretty good miniature sun dial, too.   I placed a shiny rock from the gravel bar Sunday as an accent to the “gnomon” rock.


That picture doesn’t really do that little flat rock justice, it is encrusted with tiny crystals and really glitters in the sun.   At the other corner, where the wall joins and completes the square “circle” we started last week, I placed a silicated snail shell fossil that I have had around for a long time.  I decided to accent this “seal” rock with some double terminated quartz points I have.  I think it makes a pretty good finish for the wall.


Well, of course we put our initials in the wall.   Isn’t it traditional?   Afterwards, we toasted to the new installation.

Then, while we were cleaning up after ourselves and putting tools away, Jim found something really cool going on in the barn.   The ribbon snake has a very good friend and we disturbed them in the act of consummating their relationship.  I just can’t seem to get out of the paparazzi mode!




The Havens habitat is alive and well.   More news tomorrow.   Right now I need a good soak in a tub of salts and healing essential oils.

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