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Photohunt: Words

Today’s Photohunt theme is “Words.” Words are funny things; they encompass so much meaning.   Sometimes the full implications of a set of words can not be deduced without the context they are held within.    My latest “To Do” list is the perfect example of this principle.


Yesterday I cut down the asparagus.   That was a very straightforward chore, and the entry on the list is truly representational of the job.   The first entry, “mow labyrinth,” turned out to be a nighmarish slog that took two full hours, since I had not mowed it in over a month.  The grass in the paths was over 8 inches tall and the grass in between the rocks had gotten over 18 inches tall in places and was hanging down, draping the paths.   Pushing the mower past some of that was almost more than I could do.   The good thing about it was that something about using every large muscle in my body in such a concentrated workout fixed the knee pain I have had for three weeks ever since I stepped on the shovel one too many times while removing the juniper that the fungus murdered from the daylily bed.   (Notice the day lily bed is still on the list.)

I procrastinated on the labyrinth due to the fact that I was busy helping build the strawberry bed wall, which is not on the list because it is now complete.  This is how the yard looked a couple of weeks ago.


Now it looks like this.


Zero in on the area just over the left corner of the strawberry bed and you will see the area referred to in the “To Do” list above:  “Pull zinnias and plant poppies”.  Now, when I wrote that task down, I was not thinking about the whole job, and so the person casually reading this list as it sat on my kitchen counter would not necessarily realize that that job encompassed a whole sub-plot that involved actually shaping the garden bed.   Last spring when we had more or less finished the Phase Two installation of the Stroll Garden, I looked at the pile of dirt there and threw a bunch of zinnia, marigold, torch tithonia and cosmos seeds at it and called it good.    So, before I planted the poppy seeds and after I pulled out all the  mostly finished annual flowers in there,  I shaped and terraced that bed.   I only had to haul four loads of rock from the rock pile to accomplish this.


Well, I intend to get busy on “Bermuda grass in root cellar” today.   Sounds simple, right?    First order of business was to get the rocks that the grass has moved into that bed under and through out of the way.  Thank heavens Jesse is here on leave and we had his strong back and arms available to accomplish that.


Here is a closer view of the problem as it exists right now.


I figure this will be at least a two, and maybe a three day job.   It will involve removing most of the plants already planted there, including numerous daffodil and lily bulbs, working sand and compost into the clayey soil that is there right now, and then rebuilding the terraces.  This is what Carol over at May Dreams Gardens refers to as “advanced weeding.” I’m not sure, but this may qualify as “collegiate” weeding.  I fully intend to be ready for moving the rocks back into place before Jesse leaves for Iraq at the end of the week.

So, I had better get busy, eh?

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