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Regular blog friends may be aware that I have been in a blogging funk.   I have been suffering from “too much to say” and “not knowing how to say it” or “how much to reveal.”   The other problem has been massive busy-ness, of which you will see evidence in the photos that follow.  Suffice it to say that my commitment to this meme has brought me out of hiding for at least today.

So, we are past the invernal equinox and invernal has definitely begun around here!  The leaves are changing and dropping, things evolve on a daily basis.  The perfect example of this changing autumn landscape can be found by the pond.   These two pictures were taken about a week apart.  The week in between was chilly and wet.   So far we have received over 7 inches of rain in the past week here at the Havens.



The Japanese maple (Acer palmatus) drew me in for a close up shot of how her leaves are painting themselves for the holidays.


I have been bemused by the assignment from Gardening Gone Wild for the “Picture This” photo contest this month.   The subject is “Abundant Harvest”.  I’m sorry to say I have been starting to wonder just who gets those fabulous photos of the baskets of pristine vegetables?   By the time I have dug, washed, and arranged the sweet potatoes, I don’t have time or energy left for arranging the tomatoes, carrots, black beans, and what not and then spending hours and hours deciding what angle to shoot at and how to light it and perhaps if I moved this background over here and photoshopped the results, the photo would become elevated to prize worthy status.  I mean, I have several dozen pictures of my sweet potato harvest, and I simply have no idea how to present it in such a light that I might merit more than a casual mention in the wrap-up of the contest.

I’m pretty sure this photo is not prize-worthy, even though it represents hours of work planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and drying of the bounty of black beans that are hidden within these pods:


Before I can show the bounty of the beautiful beans that are waiting to be released, I have to cut the pods off and shell them out.   I believe this deserves a prize, actually; and I anticipate receiving one.  I am looking forward to the black bean soups and refried beans I will eat, represented by this version of “Abundant Harvest”.

But there is more.   I already reported on the sweet potato situation here.  Since then I have harvested the rest of the crop from around the place, and we have lots of calories for the winter stored away in the back room, the food room, and the root cellar.  In addition, I finished pulling the tomato vines so the garlic patch will be ready to plant next week — that’s next for the rotation in this bed.  The carrots are in the freezer, and we will be cutting all the chard out there today or tomorrow because there is supposed to be a hard freeze Friday night.   So, like the pond area, the vegetable garden has gone through an evolution in the past couple of weeks.



I didn’t have the heart to pull out the eggplants, which you can see bravely silhouetted against the garden fence in the far back bed.  This is why:


Silly things.   They think they are going to get warm enough to actually make some eggplants with those flowers!   After the killing frost, I’ll pull them out.   They aren’t the only things around here who don’t think they are quite finished.   The sauna garden is still looking pretty spiffy, with the understory plants of marigolds and calendula filling out under the zinnias.


I haven’t pulled the zinnias even though they are rather moldy and deadish because the finches are enjoying the seeds and I am still getting watercolor zinnias to admire.




Out in front, I have autumn blooming irises and autumn crocuses.




There were colchicums a few days ago, but the rain beat them down.   They always seem to miss GBBD, so I’m putting them in here anyway.   These are the water lily variety in my herb garden — all gone now.


I recently posted about the showstoppers in my garden.   Now that aster no longer has visitors like this one:


That is because she has pretty much closed up shop for the season.


I could go on and on, tell you about the thyme walk with all the little sprouts from the sweet autumn clematis that are coming on, or the veronica path, how much work I got done in the day lily bed and how much there is left to do, but actually I think I need to wrap this up because I have a massage client coming very soon now, and I’m sure I won’t get back to this again today.

So, for some farewell to fall beauty shots, I will close with the dahlia mandala I caught today (grown from my Valentine’s Day present), the essence of Thyme (now blooming in my kitchen herb garden), and a macro shot of moss and lichen on one of the Japanese Rock Garden rocks (all juicy from the cool rainy week).




Sayonara for now.  Visit the creator and mediator and hostess of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, Carol, at May Dreams Gardens, for more October garden tours.

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