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It has only been four days, NaBloPoMo just barely under way and I almost blew it already.   I was stretching, getting ready for bed, when I realized that I haven’t posted yet today.

We’ve been terribly busy.   Jim got busy and laid out the new barbecue pit/wood fired oven installation and dug the foundation.  This provided us with enough dirt to fill the strawberry bed.   There is also some stockpiled back by the compost area for use in building the actual oven.   Turns out our dirt is almost perfect building material for mud clay construction.

That being the case, he also went off to the local purveyor of building materials and brought home a yard of sand, which we spread over the new bed and worked into the clayey soil so that the strawberries would be happy.   I’ll plant them in there tomorrow.   You should have seen me, balanced on the wall of the bed, working with my cultivating fork to mix all that wonderful sand into the soil in the bed.   I’m going to be a little sore tomorrow.

I also got the materials together and started production of a batch of fruitcake.  I know fruit cake has a bad rap, but this is an old family recipe and I have a very interesting (and probably fictional) tale I tell to myself of how this recipe arrived in its present incarnation.   I have modified it quite a bit, because I refuse to use “fruitcake fruit” (that candied and dyed mass of citron) in any way shape or form.  Sometime when I have more time I might tell it.

Anyway, I’m beat and I have an early massage appointment tomorrow, so I’m going to call this a post and go to bed.   More tomorrow.

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