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Photohunt: Veterans

Today’s photohunter theme is veterans.   Today, I honor three veterans:  my father, my husband and my son.

My father served in the Navy during World War II.


My husband served in the Navy for 21 years, beginning his term of service during the Vietnam War and including service during the first Gulf War.

Dinner dress

My son serves in the Army.   He chose that branch of service ultimately because, as he said, “I just couldn’t wrap my head around all that water.”  He is a veteran of the ongoing conflict in Iraq.  This picture was taken while he was in theatre, arrayed in what the Army refers to as “full battle rattle.”


He’s not always so grim.   Here he is with his beautiful wife and her son.

12 January 2008 003

May God bless and keep him safe.  He is back over there.

For other participants in today’s Photohunt, check it out here.

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