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Tuesday update

A lot has been accomplished around here.   The house smells like a distillery because I finished the fruit cakes and they are in the “getting soaked with brandy” process.


I know I told you that the new strawberry bed has been filled with dirt and mulched.   I also got strawberries transplanted into it from out on the mess that is the root cellar garden.   They are recovering from their transplant shock and look pretty good.


Another job I got done was getting the day lily/rugosa rose bed at the north side of the back yard weeded.   I transplanted some lily bulbs into the area where the Rosa eglanteria that died from rose rosette disease was.  It looks pretty good right now.   Notice that I also got the viburnum/spirea shrub bed weeded as well, and the new stepping stone in there is set too.


Check out that Acer palmatum “yatsubusa” that is just now starting to get its brilliant fall color.


This is a true dwarf Japanese maple.   It is over ten years old and as you can see, it is barely three feet tall.   That’s okay.  When I acquired it (thanks to a gift certificate from one of our good friends) it was barely 10 inches tall and it was a two year old.

The Triple J garden is looking very fine still.   Those salvias perform beautifully all summer, and the pollinators are really appreciating them right now.


I just love the fact that the blue salvia also paints its stems blue.   Very striking in flower arrangements.


Since I got so much work done in the inner yard, I went out and addressed the Sauna garden.   Here is the before picture:   notice the wealth of zinnias, all dead.


Same garden, a couple of hours later.   I also pushed back the bermuda grass that was trying to cross the stone border.    I like how the marigolds emerged from the zinnia forest.   It’s almost like a new garden now.


Things are winding down in the stroll garden.   But there is still plenty going on.


Well, I’ve got several massages to do today, so I’d best get my hair combed.   Have a good one.

Tomorrow I am taking advantage of the holiday and Jim being off on a trip to have another Meditation Retreat:  no media, no talking.   So I’m scheduling a wordless post in honor of that.

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