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I was surfing around the blogosphere today, and when I dropped in at May Dreams Garden I found a quite amusing Friday the 13th post up.   She sent us off to visit all sorts of wonderful places, and one of the inspirational blogs we were sent to was photographer David Perry’s.   He demonstrated using a wide mouth mason jar as a tripod, and of course I immediately had to run off and try it.


These are shells Jim and I collected on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean in Spain when we visited there.

Here is another shell, much older, that Jim found in Zae Hollow a few years ago when we were fixing fences.


Aside from all that, I haven’t really accomplished that much today.   I kept the fire going, fed myself and the animals, did three massages, paid bills, ran errands, took Ruby for a walk, did four loads of laundry, vacuumed the worst offenders in the carpet sweepstakes, and tried to get the living room dusted.

This is a difficult thing to accomplish, because there are oodles of wonderful art objects to look at.  Today I started off on the coffee table and after I polished the obsidian ball and its companions I picked up the quartz crystal ball and spent some time looking through it.   It is a wilderness of fractures and rainbows in there and I almost didn’t escape from it.


Then I got fixated on a cork carving that my sister gave us years ago.   She found it at an open air flea market in San Diego over 25 years ago, and bought it for less than a dollar.   The glass in the oval was loose, which was partly why it was so cheap.  Jim fixed it up, and it has moved around with us ever since.


This thing absolutely amazes me.   I am fascinated by the little summer house, especially the benches in there.  It is truly three dimensional.  Take a look at the cranes down in the bottom of the scene.


This just blows me away.  Somebody painstakingly carved all that scenery, and glued the leaves on the trees.   I’m afraid I got stuck in this piece for about 20 minutes, drawn into the scene as I was polishing the glass.  Then I turned it over.


The tags under the price tag say “Made in China” and “Thank you”.   FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE CENTS.

I’m sorry.   That just boggles my mind.   How fast do these people carve anyway?   How much did this artist get paid?

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