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Photohunt: Music

This was a tough assignment.   How to photograph music?

I decided that I would feature a composer who also happens to be one of my very best soul mate friends.  I have known Kathryn for 23 years and have watched her grow and mature as a musician over time.   She writes music that I find beautiful and meditative.  Perhaps my assessment is colored by my love for her, but I think she is rather brilliant.  She has a website which I encourage you to visit.  There is a spot there where you can actually listen to what she has created.

For the purposes of Photohunt, I am posting a series of pictures I took of her last February.   What is going on in this set of photos is she is actually in the process of putting onto paper the ethereal music she hears in her head.





And this last was taken during the sound check for the recital that I was there to attend, premiere performances of several of her works.


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