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Dear friends, I just love participating in this grand tradition as begun by Carol over at May Dreams Gardens. I had every intention of having a stunning post ready filled with all the wonderful things that are still going on.

But Jim is out of state visiting a friend and I am here holding down the fort.   This has caused me to realize that Jim just has to live forever because aside from the fact that I love him to distraction, if I had to take care of all this alone I’m not sure what I would have to stop doing.   Judging by the state of the ornaments in this house, I believe that housework would be the victim of the cut-backs.

Our good neighbor across the street works at a factory in this town that generates massive quantities of kiln dried scraps of oak.   Last night he and I moved a whole pallet of this stuff, half to his house and half to mine.   This stuff is the most outstanding kindling you have ever seen, and now I have a big old pile of it back by the compost area.   It is supposed to rain this afternoon, and I want to get it under the woodshed roof before all that nice kiln drying gets soggy.  So this post is going to be short.

In the front yard, the re-blooming iris “Belvi Queen” is still hanging in there, all though I do believe that she is finally winding up her reign.  Want to see how she looked a couple of days ago?   Go here. In fact, if you want to see how the Havens looked recently, I suggest you just scroll down this blog and look at the last four or five posts.

Meanwhile,   the stroll garden is winding up procedures.   This is how it looked yesterday at sunset.


Now, I’ve got to get out there and get my ass to work.

You all feel free to surf the web all day.  Make sure you check out the other Bloom Day offerings.


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