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I believe that Jim and I may have had the perfect day today.   It was the right combination of work and fun.

We got up at a rather late hour, and before I could make coffee, I had to roast coffee beans since we had neglected to do that.   Then I decided that I really ought to do something special for breakfast, so I made biscuits.   About three minutes before they were done, as I was heating up the fat to cook the eggs in, the phone rang.   It was Thanksgiving greetings from Iraq, and Jesse sounded great!   He is at his new FOB and enjoying the amenities.   We had to talk to him for a good long time, but fortunately the bacon and biscuits stayed warm perfectly in the oven while we did so.   After we bid our adieus, I cooked the eggs and we enjoyed our repast.   In addition to the other things mentioned above, I made a fruit/yogurt concoction with the blueberries and strawberries we put into the freezer this summer.

While I did a certain amount of laundry and cleaned the house up, Jim was busy stacking a load of kindling we got last night.   Then I took Ruby for a walk while he made sweet potato clam chowder.  This is one of the things we are taking to my mother’s for the Family Thanksgiving Dinner  tomorrow.  He has adapted this recipe by using canned clams rather than the fresh ones, and has had the happy thought to add about a teaspoon of chipotle pepper powder to the chowder base.   It is a truly fabulous dish.

I took Ruby to Bennett Spring State Park, and we walked about a mile and a half up the Natural Tunnel Trail.  There were fish crows, a pileated wood pecker, and several wrens and finches flitting about.   It was pretty chilly, but a pretty day.   The mosses and ferns were looking fine.

On the way back to the car, I noticed a mullein rosette performing a mandala dance.

When Ruby and I got home, Jim had shaved, so I took a shower to make sure all the ticks I might have picked up at Bennett Spring were gone and then we took advantage of the situation for a while.   I took Smokey for another walk.  He checked out the pond while I picked salad.   The reason I had to do that is that while I was gone Jim made a couple of salad dressings:  Bleu Cheese and Honey Mustard Vinaigrette.   We tried them both out on the radish I picked the other day.  This is a White Icicle radish I acquired from Baker Creek Seed Company last spring.  The radishes I grew last summer to act as companions for the butternut squash made seeds, and these are their progeny.

I had the sudden fancy while I was picking this one that the radishes had formed some sort of cabal and were holding secret meetings in the Stroll Garden.

I sliced that radish up and we sampled both salad dressings with the crisp mild slices.  It was a light and delicious snack.

After I picked salad, I also picked a bouquet.   They are both waiting on the table for our attention.   We have agreed that the salad needs to sport the Bleu Cheese dressing.    I am amazed that I was able to pick such a full bouquet on Thanksgiving.

I think the bread is done.  I think I’m going to go eat some dinner.

You all have a happy day.

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