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Today’s Photohunter theme is “Average.”   Without even looking I know for a fact that Alice Audrey will have something extremely amusing created, photographed and posted on the theme.

TNchick asked in her post if we found this them difficult.   I certainly had to think about it for a while.   Then I asked myself if there was such a thing as an average snowflake.   I mean, they are all based on a six sided symmetry, but we’ve been told time after time that all snowflakes are unique.   Does this mean that uniqueness has become average, somehow?

See how this train of thought could go on?  What would it lead to?   A system of epistomology?   Who knows.

Without further ado, my investigation of the average snowflake.

While not technically snowflakes per se, these next two were both taken while “typical” snowflakes were falling.  And I like the pictures, so you’ll just have to stretch your definition a little.  It’ll be good for you.

Lots of snowflakes in this one.   Are they all different?   Who can tell.   What I can tell you is that this grouping of rocks looks different every time I look at it.  This is what a Japanese style rock garden for meditation is all about.

Okay.   Enough connectedness for me for now.   I have a collage in the works that is calling me.   I can feel the weight of all that paper on my desk exerting a gravitational pull away from the computer keyboard towards that corner.   I feel myself falling. . . falling. . .

Go visit the other participants in the photohunt.   It’s always a lot of fun.

(P.S.  I was right about Alice Audrey.   She made me smile.)

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