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For sale?

I’ve been playing with my paper again, and this time I have created something on a big sheet of handmade paper that one of my clients gave me a while ago.   I have a whole raft of that paper, probably 100 sheets or so, and the results are so cool I may be making some more things.

This begs the question of what am I supposed to be doing with this creative stuff, since I don’t think of myself as an “artist” (my brother was the artist).  And the actual work of creating is such fun I have a hard time taking this all seriously.   But on the other hand, I don’t see myself papering my walls with my collages.

At least the cards I can mail away to people with notes and letters in them.

I call this one “Outside the Box”.

I’m afraid that photographs do not really get this work (or any of my stuff) across very well because the glitter doesn’t sparkle and change in the still image the way it does in real life.

It snowed again last night.  This time the flakes were nice and fluffy and decorated the thyme.

The wind was from the right direction to spangle the abalone shells that hang on my fence.   I love the juxtaposition of the nacre and the ice.

I’d actually been waiting some time for the wind to blow snow into those shells when the snow was right for snowflake pictures.

I realize that there are some folks in my reading audience who may have seen enough snow for the moment, and to them I apologize. . .

I apologize to Smokey too.  Although he doesn’t seem to be that put out by the snow, it is the melting mud and slush that annoy him.   Here he is yesterday, getting a drink at the waterfall into the pond.

He walked over there all by himself.   He was having a good day yesterday, the “Kitty Alzheimer’s” was not so evident, and even though he is a study in skeletal anatomy, he was eating well and full of piss and vinegar.  At the beginning of the winter I was sure he was going to die by December, but obviously the rumors of his eminent demise are much exaggerated.

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