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I’ll tell you, this has not been the best of days and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I have tried to be a good person, which is why I have felt that sharing my space with the wildlife is a good thing to do, but today I am feeling less than congenial towards the Lady in the Crawl Space.   She is in a bad mood or something, every time she gets up to move around she emits her odor and this morning it was not very wonderful smelling in here after her night’s activities.  Unfortunately, having been sleeping when the worst was emitted I was not completely aware of how the house smelled, but fortunately my first client in the morning was a good sport about the faint smell of skunk that greeted her when she arrived.   I managed to get a handle on it by airing out the place and burning sage and frankincense.

But it is not faint tonight, I’m not sure exactly what the hell is going on down there but the house pretty much reeks right now and I have a splitting headache.  I have the frankincense going, and the charcoal I got last time is crappy and when I was lighting it it exploded into several pieces and I had to retrieve burning coals from all over the desk area.   Fortunately I discovered the one in my desk drawer before it caught all my fancy paper supply on fire, but I was feeling quite paranoid about all that by the time I got it cleaned up.  It would help if I could throw all the windows open, but  I can’t really do that as it is 17° F (-8° C) right now and the temperature has not reached its nadir just yet.   Spring had better be just around the corner because our wood shed is almost empty.

I tried to go out and do some weeding in the garden today because I’m feeling a lot like cabin fever is setting in, but I discovered that the ground has only thawed about a half an inch down so that was a waste of time.   That situation accounts for all the MUD in the yard, I guess.  And the lovely mud is so easy to track in, so of course the floors are all pretty dirty even though I just cleaned them yesterday.

I lost my temper with Smokey tonight when he sauntered into the hall, and stopped, smelled the areas where he had already been cleaned up after, chose a new one very deliberately and proceeded to deposit a large, wet, smelly mess.   I admit I  screamed at him but I was able to control myself before I got out the meat cleaver and euthanized him on the spot.  So then I felt bad about that, but there is only so much patience in me, especially when I have been skunked.

Then when I prepared to go to bed I discovered that most of the cat’s dinner and some of his breakfast was vomited up on my bed, which fortunately had been stripped down to the mattress pad earlier in the day so it wasn’t on the down comforter.   So the mattress pad safely put into the wash, I proceeded to make up the bed without it, which is when I discovered that he had had more than one episode and my quilt is also fouled, so that is in the laundry room now awaiting a session in the washer.  Oh yeah, I forgot, he also vomited in the living room.

Considering how things have been going today, you can bet that I inspected the old raggedy quilt that I retrieved from the linen closet very closely for any brown recluses that may have decided to winter over in it.  There weren’t any, but I learned that the old raggedy quilt is a lot more raggedy than I had realized.   But it is probably better than no quilt at all, considering how warm I expect the bedroom to be tonight.   I could turn on the baseboard heater I suppose, but I’m still suffering from sticker shock from our last electric bill, which did not include a lot of heating up of the bedroom and was still around 80% higher than it usually is.

And frankly, demand for massage has been increasing but not the way I’d like.   I finally broke down and decided I could really use a good one myself, and when I called my massage therapist it did not make me feel any better to find out that she is so busy she can’t fit me in until next week, which is great for her.   But it makes me wonder what the sam hill I am doing wrong that my business is not that busy.   I don’t have a single day this week where I could not fit another couple of appointments in quite easily, and tomorrow I have nothing at all.

Which is probably just as well because it is very late due to all the late night disasters I have just recounted and I seriously need to sleep in tomorrow morning.   Especially since in the afternoon I have to drive to St. Louis so I can retrieve my darling husband from the airport, where he is scheduled to arrive home from his jaunt to Costa Rica.   And not a moment too soon.

Of course, the money would not be such an issue in my emotions right now because really, we are getting by just fine, except that today when I was surfing the web I discovered that an artist I admire quite a lot has produced a torso that I want.   I mean, I REALLY want it.  It is so me, it is so beautiful, my heart aches to own it.    I am so tired and discouraged right now that I can’t even begin to visualize how I can make that happen at this time.

I was trying to enjoy a dinner out the other day and heard the people at the next table discussing how Global Warming is just a big hoax that is costing the American Taxpayer dollars they can’t really afford, that we just need to rape the North Slope and the rest of any place that has anything carbon so we can burn all that cheap oil and coal like God meant us to and I wanted to stand up, throw their table over and vomit right on them.   How can people be so damned ignorant?

Oh, that’s right.   Get all your information from Faux News and Rush Limbaugh, that’s how.   And make sure and listen to your preacher, because he will tell you all you have to do is be washed in the blood of Christ and you will be saved, which you need to do real quick because really you don’t need to worry about climate change anyway because the world is set to end in 2012 and so it will all be moot, right?

Well, my bed is made, my rant is finished and the ibuprofen seems to be kicking in, so I guess I’ll put myself to bed.   Because, as Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Bless you all, and good night.

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