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Photohunt: Daily

There are so many things I do on a daily basis I just can’t even begin to count them.  Feed the dog, feed the cat, make coffee, DRINK coffee, brush my teeth, make us breakfast, kiss the spouse, look at my blog. . . etc. etc. etc.

One of the things I absolutely MUST do every day on pain of very sad and meaningful looks is play with Ruby.

She is always willing to chase a stick or a ball.   Here she is waiting for me to quit doing stupid stuff with the little beeping box and get my outdoor duds on so I can do the most important thing in the world, which would be to hurl that stick she is holding as far as I can so she can run over there, get it, and bring it back so we can do it all over again.  Why this is such a thrill is really beyond me.   But she IS a retriever. . .

Now, check out the other players today.   You can find them  links to them here.

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