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The theme for today’s edition of Photohunt is “Sweet.”

Oh, the connotations of that word, the associations that leap to mind:   “Home Sweet Home”,   “How sweet it is” (one of “our songs” to which we dance a sweet two step), the sweet smell of success, “Sweet Adeline”, sweets to the sweet . . . etc. etc. etc.   And so I play the game today with:

The sweetest strawberries, picked fresh from my garden.   We have learned we have to get out there bright and early to beat the birds and the turtles to them.  In addition to the mangos and papayas and bananas et al in Costa Rica, it was the middle of strawberry season.

Is there any other thing that is sweeter than fresh fruit?   Well, these cookies starred at a Solstice Party a while ago, and they were pretty sweet.   Delicious too.

Our traditional Christmas dinner dessert is “White Chocolate Nougat Terrine with Chocolate Sauce and Raspberry Sauce”:

You have no  idea what that feels like in your mouth.   Recipes available on request.

There were never two sweeter cats than the calico daughters of Tosca, Susan and Cio Cio.   They have been gone over two decades now, and we still miss these girls.

Make sure you visit the other Photohunts.   I guarantee there are going to be some sweet photos for your enjoyment.  And some great ones, too.

Happy Easter, and may you not sweet yourself into a diabetic coma!

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