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Search terms

Well, every once in a while people post about the sort of search terms that bring people to their blogs.   There are all sorts of arcane word combinations involving panties and camel toes that bring people to other blogs.    Apparently, my blog is very staid and boring.   The most common search term used to find my blog by Google is “Vegetable garden.”  Often up towards the top of search engine terms is “backyard vegetable garden.”    I find this interesting since I spend a lot more time talking about the stroll garden.

I am heartened to learn that quite often people find The Havens when they are looking for information on the “broad fork.”   And another very common search term is “how to crack macadamia nuts.” Since I made that post, I am amazed at how often people feel the need to learn this art, and it is one of my posts that continues to garner comments even though it has been up for several years, since 2007 in fact.

So, just for the delectation of all those searchers, here are a few more pictures from the garden.   These are from last summer, after we finished all the sandstone walks.

This next one is the garlic bed this year.   It is doing quite well, like usual.   We use cloves of garlic from the previous year’s crop to seed the bed in the fall, usually mid to late October.   The bulbs start off, then go dormant during the cold part of the winter and hit the ground running in the spring.  By mid June the garlic is done, and then I put black beans in the space for a late crop.

And here are my baby lettuces, just coming up.   These lettuces are about half an inch tall in this picture.

The peas are about five inches tall now, and hopefully they will set peas before the weather turns too hot.

Tomorrow I hope to post about my garden benches, but that could be OBE.  Oddly enough, that is not something that ever comes up on the search engine terms.

Go figure.


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