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I was looking around at the beginning of the month posts at Gardening Gone Wild last week.  The Garden Design Workshop is about garden benches.  Oo! oo! oo!  I have some of those!  I have a wonderful story about my favorite bench.   And the assignment for the “Picture This” photo contest is “Green World.”   Well, my world is certainly green, in more ways than one, since I am an organic gardener.   I immediately thought of the photos of the birds nesting around this place as a philosophical depiction of a “Green World,” one where no pesticides are used so there are plenty of bugs for the insectivores to feast on.

I also had in mind the amazing collage of hostas in the Hosta Dell.

But gosh, everybody has hostas, don’t they?   How about hostas with little green tree frogs perched on them?

Then I thought of the incredible green ferns that sprang to life everywhere there was water flowing and splashing in the Grand Canyon.  I’d call this one, “Instant Green World!   Just add water.”

Well, I have also been trying to capture the intricate tapestry of textures and shades of green that are showing in the Scree Garden, especially when they are backed up by the chorus line of green in the Hosta Dell.

This area frustrates me no end when I try to photograph it.   The patterns of light and shadow cast by the den tree, house, pergola and surrounding trees make this spot a challenge to capture adequately.   But I just love sitting on my garden bench and looking at it.    For that is the view I see from The Bench, which has really come into its own as the plantings around it are maturing.

This was taken last fall when the salvias were prime.   Right now they are tiny seedlings scattered about behind it.

This is how it looked this morning, as I was wandering about the place.   See how patient Ruby is being?   All she wants is for me to throw her stick.  And I am being stupid, pointing that little box and things, bending over, kneeling, etc. ad nauseum.

I suppose I should have moved that hose.   But that would have meant turning off the water that was running to the blueberries.   Sorry.

Anyway, when you walk up to the bench to sit down and enjoy the view, the “footstool rock” is making an amazing picture with the thyme creeping across the rippled sandstone.

Usually when I am sitting on this bench, I think about my son and my husband, without whom I would not have this focal point for the Stroll Garden.  It is worth taking the time to visit this blog post, where I tell the story of how this bench came to be.  This is where the rocks that form it came from.

Here is a shot I got of it right after it had been put in place, but before I had installed the “footstool rock”.

Despite the fact that it is made of stone, this bench is amazingly comfortable to sit on, and I have also discovered that it is just the right size and shape for me to lie on and stretch my upper shoulder girdle and the deep rotators of my hips.   Altogether a very satisfying bench in this garden.  It combines beauty, sentimentality, focal point, destination and comfort all at once.

And it lives in a Green World.   Right behind it is one of my ornamental Japanese Maples.   It is just coming into leaf, and I spent a long time peeking up her skirts (so to speak).  I will leave you with the photo that finally made me say, “It’s a ‘Green World,’ without a doubt.”

So, I must be off.   It is definitely time to stop screwing around on the Internet and get to work.   I need to get my beets planted.   And there is a hardy rosemary plant languishing under the pergola, waiting emplacement in the herb garden, which will happen right after I thin out the patch of daffodils that has gone nuts where I believe the little plant would be happy.

And so the infinite regression begins.


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