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Labyrinth news

Well, I’m beat.

This is going to be short.  I know certain bloggers who are going to be quite relieved that they do not have to wade through my customary verbosity.

I only had one massage scheduled today, so of course I spent a lot of time out working in the yard.   But before I did that I met one of my better friends, the gal who house sits for us when we are gone, over at her storage unit.   She is an older lady on a fixed income.   Utilities have gotten more expensive, as has food, and so she has had to curtail some of her expenses to make ends meet.   So her storage locker is being cleaned out so she can let it go.

I am the beneficiary of this.   Way back in the dear dead days beyond recall she was associated with a paleontology department in Florida that was excavating a fossil whale skeleton out of a local quarry.   While engaged in that job, they also came across literally thousands of fossil shells, some of which she also excavated, toted home, cleaned and identified.  For the past 15 years the collection has been residing in the storage locker, and she decided that it would be cool if they lived in amongst the gravel mulch in my rock garden instead.   I concurred.   The “Master Collection”, which has the best specimens, all properly identified and labelled, is going to the Discovery Center in St. Louis.   I got the “dross.”   (Well, and some totally cool things that aren’t outside.)

I think it looks terribly cool.

From there, the Stroll Garden looks like this today:

She gave me some really cool fossils which are IN the house; I will report on them at another time.

What really took the poop out of me was the rest of the day.   I have been digging daffodils around the place, as I mentioned previously.  I added to that collection yesterday, and shortly after that I addressed the labyrinth project and started digging the bulbs in.   I realized that I probably had enough bulbs dug to finish the project, so I was hot to get it completed.   As it turned out, I did not have quite enough bulbs in hand to actually finish the job, but I went out to the outer rings which I had planted in years previous, and dug enough bulbs out of there to finish the job.

And so the project of  completely outlining the pattern of the labyrinth in daffodil bulbs is complete.   So next year the whole labyrinth will look like this:

I planted right around 1000 bulbs, all transplanted from clumps in my gardens that needed thinning.   I started the project in 2002.  The first year I did not even complete the outer circle.   (I worked from the outside in.)


We had freshly picked asparagus, lightly steamed, for dinner tonight.  Mmmm.

Now, I need a bath and then I am going to walk the labyrinth by the young waxing moon.

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