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There has been entirely too much excitement around here.

While he was in the hospital, my father’s brother died.  I would say he was a certifiably Rich Uncle, but I’m not expecting any windfall from that because he had a perfectly good spouse to leave his estate to; and that is as it should be.   No matter that my uncle’s spouse was another man.  In my book, if you are in a committed loving relationship, it doesn’t matter what the assortment of sexes are.   You are married in my eyes, no matter what the State thinks.   The State is an idiot anyway, and far too subject to the vagaries, fears, and intolerance of its citizens to be trusted.   Too bad the lawyers are involved in the definition at all.   But there you go.  They are.   To quote the Eagles:

“The more I think about it Old Willie was right,

Kill all the lawyers; kill ’em tonight.”

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh.  I’m sure there are good, moral, righteous lawyers out there.

There are other illnesses and near deaths going on in the vicinity, and I guess it is just the stage of life I am in that makes it feel like it is all too close somehow.

The economy here in the area is starting to improve, but while it is no longer on “life support” it has definitely only made it into rehab and is ambulatory only with the aid of a walker.   (If you don’t mind me pushing a metaphor to its limits. . .)  I alternate feeling hopeful with despairing that my client base will ever grow again.

Most of the time we are okay, although the recent visits to Costa Rica really pushed it to the limit.   We didn’t know when we made those plans that our tenants were going to change overnight from regular and responsible to invisible and insolvent.

What they did was they came and paid their March rent, telling us they had decided that life and business would be much better for them in Oklahoma, and they were moving there.   They loaded up their dog, the bedroom suite, a couch, their clothes, some other items, plus all the hand tools they could fit into their truck and trailer.  They left behind virtually everything else, telling us sincerely that they would be back “in a couple of weeks” to get the rest of their shit.   Of course, they also told us that they would be completely out by May 1, and that they planned to pay their April rent.

We haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since, they have not been returning calls on the cell phone which we have the number for and which gladly records messages.   Needless to say, they didn’t pay their April rent.

As it is, legally we have the right to dispose of their abandoned property about ten days into May.   Perhaps we will realize enough from a sale to repay us for what they owe us; that would be real nice.  Meanwhile, we have a whole house full of very nice furniture, square dance clothes, collectibles, a couple of sewing machines, an entire home office.   Any cleaning of carpets will have to wait until after the furnishings are gone.   Then maybe we can rent the place out again.

Meanwhile, my darling husband does not feel right about just disposing of all this rather nice stuff without having some sort of conversation with its owners, so he has gone on a road trip to the far western side of Oklahoma to see if he can find a.) them and b.) out what the heck is going on, assuming that they are going to find it in their hearts to be more truthful than they have been so far.

Needless to say, the situation dictates that we are taking a big hit on the old savings account, which is very disturbing.   We’ll be okay.  That is why we have one, after all, for emergencies, although I have a tough time seeing our tenant’s irresponsible actions as an emergency.   But the bills must be paid, lying SOS tenants and all.

Still, it is unsettling.   I won’t be comfy in my mind until Jim is back from Oklahoma.


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