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I try to visit Syncopated Eyeball on a regular basis.   She posts a rather wonderful photograph (or series of photographs) every day.   I was inspired by her post today to go around and capture a few of the faces that are found in rocks around The Havens.

This one is by my front door.   I was quite pleased when I found the “hat” rock for this fellow.

Right inside the front door on the plant shelves is this grinning visage.

This personage is in the labyrinth.   The rock that makes his ear came from North Carolina.

Some people find this face out in the day lily bed disturbingly like a snake.

This one isn’t a rock face, but a piece of drift wood that my mother in law collected on the coast of Northern California.   Seems like a very weatherbeaten cowboy in a hat to me.

That’s enough for now, I suppose.   I have some errands to run — looking for raspberries for the new raspberry bed.


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