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It’s another beautiful day in the Ozarks.   I spent most of the afternoon out in the vegetable garden getting the tomato bed ready for occupancy.   First I pulled weeds and the leftover greens from the cold frames, then I went through the bed with the broad fork, finally I hoed and raked.   I’ll let it rest a couple of days, rake some potash, kelp meal, and maybe lime into the bed, then I’ll plant my babies.   Before and after shots:

Notice how tall the peas have gotten in the bed behind this one?   Hopefully they will start blooming soon, or we won’t be getting any peas since the weather has been getting so warm.  They really sulk if it gets too hot.   Also, if you look at the first picture, you’ll get an idea of why sometimes my mulch has lots of seeds in it.

Out by the pond I caught a leopard frog posing on the edge.

Very good news that it is there at all, but it didn’t stick around for a posed portrait either.  I was lucky to pop this one off, just happened to have the camera “On” when it jumped up to the edge.

The clematis on the fence are just lovely today.   They are really going great guns behind the fence, but I really liked the ones that were between the lattice.

Down in the Rock garden the dianthus are what is “front page news”.

We went to the Baker Creek planting festival, and I acquired a couple of new hen and chicks.   I’ll be posting portraits of them soon.  Instead, I’ll show you who is enjoying the baptista and the amsonia, which are blooming in the Rain Garden right now.   First a distance shot of the two of them.  They are both blue, the amsonia is on the left, the baptista on the right, sharing space.

Amsonia with admirer:

Baptista with a different admirer, same species.  Both of these are carpenter bees.  They have colonized the rafters of our wood shed.

Finally, the big news out behind the sauna is that those robin babies fledged today.   This one was perched on the Daylily Dragon, and seems to be saying, “My mother told me to sit here and be quiet.   You can’t see me so just go away, ‘kay?”

So that’s the news from around The Havens.   I have a massage client getting ready, so I’ve got to run.

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