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I visited a site set up by Dr. Oz and some associate (Real Age) where there is a quiz that you can take that will generate your “Real Age” as opposed to your actual “Calendar Age.”  It is a pretty comprehensive test, and if you answer it honestly you will probably get a pretty true assessment of your health.

I have always felt like I looked and acted younger than my true age.  (In fact, when I was quite a lot younger people used to try to insult me by telling me I should act my age rather than my shoe size.)  I could never quite understand what “acting your age” meant, except it generally meant that I was doing or saying something that someone disapproved of.

Well.   According to Dr. Oz and his RealAge test, my calendar age is 56.9 (which is actually closer to 57 since my birthday is in three weeks).  My Real Age calculates out to 45.6.   I am 11.3 years younger than my calendar age.

Ha!   No wonder I can haul rocks around and work so hard and still feel great.

Guess I’ll go out and do some weeding now.   We got 2.1 inches of rain last night and the ground is still going squish squish squish, but I believe I can tolerate a few wet knees in order to try to get ahead of the weeds, which really got a toehold going in the garden when we had all that rain.

And, not to sound uppity or in your face or anything,  again HA!

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