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Three years ago I got a broad fork for my birthday, and I made a post about it:  How it performs, how much I like it, etc.

Now, while I was being photographed, I had on a tie-dyed t-shirt that I had made myself at a session at one of my friends’ place.  That was a truly fun day.   I like doing tie-dye, almost as much as I like wearing it.

This post serves a dual purpose.   It features a tie-dye t-shirt that I made myself, but in addition it serves as a sort of watermark for the last year’s focus on getting my weight down to the level I enjoyed during my collegiate days.  I have nine pounds to go to reach my goal.

First, the picture that Jim took of my back in 2007, one week after my birthday, as I demonstrated my new broad fork.

And now, a photo taken two weeks before my next birthday as I pose with my broad fork.   In the above picture I was actually working with it, this shot was a set up.   For the record, the shoes that I have on in the above picture died a terrible death by mud during the ensuing summer.   The shoes I am wearing in the following picture are my favorite ones!   Also, the shorts I have on in the two pictures are the same garment.   I find it amazing that I have not destroyed these garments in the intervening three years.

Like the colors in the t-shirt, I have faded to 80% of my former self.

Physically, not mentally.   Mentally I am still 110%.


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