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I was out and about in the garden the other morning in the pre-dawn and dawn, thanks to Jim’s new job and our nascent habit of arising at 4:30 a.m.  It is another example of the Universal Listening Device paying attention to what one says.   Not three weeks ago I was making a comment on someone else’s post about how difficult it was for me to get up at an hour that allows me to access the “Perfect Light” of dawn.   Within days of making that comment Jim’s new schedule of having to be at work at 6 a.m. came into our lives.

So, while walking about the garden, I came across one of my gladioli just bursting with moisture and catching the low and beautiful angle of the dawn light.

So my photo shoots right now are in aid of finding and creating a shot that captures and exposes the intent of the gardener when they created their garden.   This is in hope that I can capture a wonderful image for the latest “Picture This” contest at Gardening Gone Wild.

Interesting.  First I have to glean what my intent was when I created the gardens here at The Havens.   Creating beauty and wildness?   Yes.  Using up all those rocks that were piled in the rock pile out near the savanna?  That too.   I also wanted to make a space that invited the person experiencing the garden to walk around, a space that would have mystery beyond the next curve of the path, a place where there would be surprises in store for the walker.

When I told Jim the theme of this month’s contest, he said “A garden that helps keep the weeds at bay.”  That would be the intent of our vegetable garden design, for sure.

Of course, I’m not sure that any of these photos actually communicate that intent.   And they are nice enough shots but not very spectacular as far as stunning imagery.   And lately there has been a lot of incredibly stunning imagery showing up in the Gardening Gone Wild photo contests.   Don’t believe me?   Well, click here and prepare to be stunned and amazed.  My personal favorite is the image of the anoles by East Side Patch.

I’m really starting to feel like I’m being allowed to hobnob with the greats when my pictures show up along side images like those, actually.   It’s making me a better photographer.   Unfortunately, it means it is also making me want a better camera. . .  which is not in the cards at the present time.   We have a five year plan and nowhere in it is a couple of thousand dollars for a really great digital SLR.   But you never know.  After all, I didn’t know I needed an iPod either. . .  but I have one.

Oh, and the issue with the power loss has been solved by the IT Wonder Woman my niece, who discovered that there IS a way to shut it down completely so it is not slowly trickling down its battery charge.  Interestingly enough, it isn’t actually mentioned on the iPod nano site either.   Anyway, thank you IT Wonder Woman!    I have a MUCH better relationship with the little thing now.

Now, if I can just learn to take it with me when I walk the dog I might find out whether I like having it along when I’m engaged in that activity.   All I can say is that 57 years of habits are very hard to change, and for 57 years I have NOT been in the habit of taking any electronic device along with me when I leave home.

But I can change.   If I have to.   I guess.  (Apologies to the “Red Green Show” for stealing portions of “The Man’s Prayer”)

I mean, I’m learning to like getting up before dawn, right?

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