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Blue for Woo (and some green)

More scans from the garden, this time in a cooler phase.

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New Rock!

Oh, it was an exciting day at The Havens yesterday!

Not only did I discover a new use for my scanner, which pleases the collagist in me without the necessity for glue, but the mail was quite exciting.

Sometimes the mail is exciting because it contains an insurance billing, which always involves figures that cause angst in the breast of the home owner.   Of course, one has to also look for the blessing implied.  I mean, you own your home, right?   And the Insurance Corporation has deemed that it is valuable enough that it would cost you X number of thousands of dollars to replace it should that unspecified disaster strike, right?   And you actually have the money saved to cover the insurance, right?   Right?    RIGHT!!!

But yesterday the mail included a very interestingly soft and knobby package with exotic foreign stamps, stickers, customs declarations, the works.

And inside, there was a rock.  And the tiniest, cutest pot of eucalpytus honey I have ever laid eyes on.  (sorry, the honey didn’t make it into the photo)  And an envy inspiring card.

The rock was collected from the bottom of the Sydney Harbour, near Shelly Beach,  by Norwichrocks.   She informed me in the card that the nearby wobbegong shark probably wouldn’t miss it.   I had to Google wobbegong shark, which turns out to be a very cool animal indeed, and I invite you to copy my actions.

The rock is sitting by my computer, glittering at me gently.   It is a very nifty sandstone that has a lot of silica particles in it, so it is nicely shiny.  As soon as I have finished giving my client her massage this morning, I will walk it out into the labyrinth, where it is destined to live near the other rocks from Australia, one from the Great Sandy Desert, one from near Darwin.   Oh, I am blessed with rocks.   And friends.

I had some of the honey on my toast this morning, and it is delicious.   I could actually use about a gallon of the stuff, but I shall have to content myself with the sampling provided.   It will give me motivation to plan my next big trip to include Australia.

As will the card she sent.  The Superb Blue Wren.   I must see one in person.   I am green with envy.   I love our little house wrens, and the Carolina Wren is beautiful in her own foxy brown way.   But this little blue bird:   perfectly named.   Superb.

THANK YOU NORWICHROCKS!!!   You made my day.

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