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Gardening Gone Wild has issued a new sort of challenge for their”Picture This” contest this month.  Usually the participants are found running around their own gardens (sometimes), the world, other people’s gardens, some public garden they visited once, some famous gardener’s piece de resistance , or their local Arboretum, many of them armed with fancy cameras and Photoshop.  Everybody struggles with crappy light, impulsive wind, and lack of suitable scenery.   There have been some spectacular photos entered over the months, the galleries are always wonderful to visit.

This time, the blog masters at GGW have posed a different task.  We have been asked to get inspired by what is growing in our garden or neighborhood, play with our flatbed scanners and see what we can come up with.

Well, I have to say that ever since they mentioned that this was going to be our challenge this month, I have been playing with my flat bed scanner.   This particular art form is either a trial and tribulation or a complete joy, depending on how you look at it (and how obsessive compulsive you are).  I have found that it is imperative that one make preliminary scans, because the placement of the tiniest element of the design can change the whole aspect of the complete image.  If I don’t do the “check scan”, I find that I spend far too much time with the full scan (which takes a lot longer) and then I notice something “wrong” and have to do it all over again.

At any rate, I have had a lot of fun with this challenge, and no matter what the outcome, I have discovered a new art form that I thoroughly enjoy.   Those of you who have been following this blog know that the scanner art shows up here on a regular basis.   After this challenge is over and done with, there will still be occasional scans for your delectation.   (At least I hope it is delectable for you.)

Over the course of the summer, I have produced a veritable rainbow of images.   Here are a few of the results.

This first one was an attempt to make a floral fireworks display.   I never really got this one to look the way I wanted it to.   I may try this again sometime; I think it would be more effective with less on the scanner.  Any way, this is my “Summer Fireworks Display — Finale”.

Now, the Rainbow of Scans:

The complete rainbow in one scan:

Yesterday I went out and collected blooms, and while I was in the process of doing that I (of course) got distracted by some weeds that had appeared in the middle of a patch of sedums.   As I was pulling them out, I found one of my honey bees, which had apparently worked itself to death or stayed out past bedtime and gotten too cold.   I also found a plethora of flowers, which I brought inside and played with for a while.

This scan includes variegated ajuga foliage,  “Autumn Joy” sedum flowers, purple hyacinth beans, one colchicum blossom, and a couple of sprigs of cuphea.  And the honeybee.  It is also my entry into the “Picture This” challenge.

For other entries, check out the gallery here.

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