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I got up this morning and found this in my sink.

“Hmm,” I said to myself.   “That looks bad.”

Curious, I opened the little freezer compartment on top of the fridge.   It looked like this:

You see, children, when you freeze a beer it will explode.   So, if you have forgotten to put beer in the fridge in time for it to be cool when you want to drink it, it is a good idea not to forget that you put it in there.

Just saying.

My dear husband’s comment when he emerged from the shower was, “I guess I’ll be cleaning the refrigerator when I get home from work.  It seems to need it now.”


In other news, we received a call from Jesse yesterday.   His unit has returned from Iraq, safe and sound.   Now they go through reintegration training.   Sort of a “How To” course on being a person in a non-combat zone after living in a war zone for a year.  Little lessons, like how to pack your car for a picnic at the beach:   you can leave your gun at home, you know.   It doesn’t need to be in the trunk along with your cooler and umbrella.   Really.

The poison ivy has turned its usual shade of vermilion now.  This black walnut is sporting a poison ivy undergarment.

Pretty, but not one I’d choose to put on.   This picture reminds me of a story one of my clients told me.   Her niece had recently moved to the Ozarks and was out gathering materials for a beautiful fall wreath.   She had carefully and artistically wound beautiful vines of red leaves around a grapevine wreath and proudly presented her aunt with the resulting gorgeous fall array.

“My, that is beautiful!” the recipient exclaimed.   “Did you know that this is poison ivy?”

The answer, of course, was “No, I didn’t.”

But she found out later.

This is rather like picking and eating mushrooms that you “think” you know the identity of. . .  Bad ideas.


I found this out by the root cellar when I approached my fig tree in hope that it had produced a few ripe figs for me to snack on after I had hung out the clothes and watered the garlic patch, baby lettuces and other salad greens.  (It had.)

Closer inspection of that shows a medium sized orb weaver spider sitting in the middle of the remains of last night’s web.  She has caught a multitude of gnats in there.

When I got there she was busy de-constructing her web and summarily discarding dead bugs right and left.  It’s starting to be pretty cold for spiders at night, so I figure these sorts of visions will rapidly decrease in the next week or so.   Good thing my salad greens patch is well started.   We’ll be putting the cold frames over these babies soon.


I’ve been collected fall colors and playing with my scanner.   I have a picture in my head of an impressionistic version of the forest edge  done on the scanner.   I’m not sure I’ve quite got it yet.

Y’all have a good day now, hear?

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