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I don’t always participate in this meme, but I always enjoy the offerings I find there when I do.

This is a series of pictures I took while I was walking my dog a couple of months ago.   There had been a promise of rain in our area; badly needed precipation, too.

We had been quite heartened by the vision of forming thunderstorms all afternoon, but ultmately the rain  completely missed our town.  It was quite frustrating to watch on the weather radar and see the line of storms that was marching northeast split and flank our fair city as it proceeded on its track.

Perhaps it was a blessing.   On the evening news we were treated to images of tornadic devastation in the hamlet 35 miles northeast of here.  I knew something big was brewing out there as I watched this supercell develop during the hour I walked Ruby.

This is what the backside of a tornado looks like.

Bear in mind that that line of clouds was 35 miles away from where I was taking the picture.

Frankly, that’s about as close as I really want to be to a tornado.

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