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Photohunt: Dark

Today the theme for photohunt is “Dark.”   The other players can be found at TNChick’s site.

I had a challenge with this one, as most pictures I take of or in the dark don’t turn out well.   I thought about how we feel when we see a big dark cloud like this forming in the west.

You are always happy to see the chance of rain forming, but a cloud like that often contains hail, high winds or a tornado.

One night I caught a pair of spiders courting.   Most of the shots I got of this activity were out of focus as the camera was having a difficult time deciding what in the world I was pointing it at.

Contrary to popular myth, she did not kill and eat him, he successfully completed his mission and escaped back to the edge of the web.

I love bonfires, and they always look best at night, after dark.

I like to sit in my living room late at night, in the dark, and watch the gases burn in my airtight fireplace insert.

No picture I have does this vision justice.   The burning gases flicker in all the hot colors, from yellow through orange and into purple,  floating and dancing like northern lights in miniature, an elemental force contained within a steel box in my living room.

So glad you stopped by to visit.


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