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I suppose in traditional paganism, this is deemed the turn of the year because this is about when the deep cold of winter is inevitably looming on the horizon, the sun is definitely waning, life is slowing for the winter sleep.

We had a killing frost the other night, which the garden reacted to rather predictably.   This is a self-portrait simultaneous with a view of the garden in the morning.

You can see the garlic and the chard still soldiering on.   I will be harvesting the chard today and mulching the garlic.   Off to the far left you can see the last tomato cage I hadn’t pulled yet, the tomatoes did not appreciate being frozen.  Let’s get closer to those cold frames, why don’t we?

Yes, the winter salad crop is coming along quite nicely.   Just behind and through the glass you can see the last black bean plants, which also did not appreciate the cold sharp night they went through.   I’ll be turning them in soon as well.

The latest blooming of my fall blooming crocuses are enjoying the cold.   This particular variety doesn’t even bloom until after the first frost.  They do not happen to be the saffron variety, those bloom before the frost.

Other than bloom time, the only thing that seems to separate these from the saffron crocuses is the length of the anthers.

I found this wasp drowning in the pond yesterday.   I happened to have my camera with me, and so I was able to document her as she sat and dried herself off after I gave her a lift out of the pond.

I love that the shadow of her wing on the rock shows the translucence of it.

The fig tree was hiding a secret.

That is a praying mantis egg case, by the way.   I love finding evidence that the generation succeeded in propagating itself, despite the harsh heat and dry of the summer.

Here’s another species that has propagated itself.

This little guy was running around on the lazy susan this morning, and then trying desperately to chew his way out of there.   I’m not sure how he got there so that he could not find the way out, but I was happy that he fell into this canister (which I was storing there empty), making it easy to take him outside to the wood pile.   He was joined by another mouse on that trip, the one that fell into the wastebasket by the desk last night and was rustling around in there, keeping Jim awake until he figured out what was going on and put the container outside for future reference.   That mouse was still there this morning.

Other than mice, we also have spiders moving in for the winter, the not-nice spiders that I actually do kill — brown recluses.   One of them bit Jim last night, and the resulting itch and burn kept him awake for longer than was good for him, especially since he has to work today and we got up at 4:30 bloody a.m.  A good hot soak with sea salt infused water seemed to do the trick, at least until the mouse started rummaging around.

I shall leave you with an image of the re-blooming iris that lives in front.  I moved it inside because of the frost.

That seems to have been sort of a waste of energy, as the stem I left outside is doing just fine, thank you very much.

But I like having flowers in the house.

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