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Photohunt: alive

Today’s theme for the Photohunt is “Alive.

I’m sure there will be many wonderful takes on this theme.   I have already looked around at some of the posts that are participating, and I particularly liked the living rocks that Archie posted.   Very cool.   I happen to have a fossilized stromatolite in my front yard, so my living rock is not so alive any longer.   I did not know that the process was still going on today.

“Alive” is such a wonderful theme today, especially considering my mood of late.  It is important to realize that being alive is a good way to be, even though you may feel pain and sadness at times the fact that you are feeling anything at all is a good sign.   And if you go through the cold dark times, eventually the light will return and things that seem dead will be renewed and return to flourishing life.

It is particularly important to remember this truth when the year has turned and the killing frost has come and the days steadily grow shorter and colder as the nights grow long and icy cold seals water beneath a seemingly impenetrable layer.

There is always beauty surrounding us if we can only open our eyes, focus, and see.  Sometimes it is small.

Sometimes it is huge.

And sometimes it is intangible.

My wish for all of you is that you find joy and beauty in being alive today, in this moment.

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