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Short update

To all you dear and wonderful people who responded to my “Help” post, I want to say an unqualified and very grateful “THANK YOU!”

Not only did I receive helpful and loving comments, I also received supportive emails.   So many people took the time to say in very cogent and detailed ways how I have affected them in a positive way.

I am very busy this morning as Jesse is arriving here for a long-awaited and much-deserved leave from the Army now that his whole unit has arrived back in the US from their duty in Iraq.  Due to the morass I have been stuck in, there is a certain amount of stuff I feel I must do to prepare for that advent, because I have been rather neglectful of my housekeeping duties during my recent malaise.   Unfortunately, I cannot do this at the computer, so I will just say very shortly, that I am feeling a whole lot better about everything right now.   No, things are not perfect but I have an inkling of what I need to work on.

At least I can say without qualifications that I feel loved and supported, and that is a much better place to be than hanging out in the dark depths of inner space without a net.


On a totally different note, I don’t usually read my spam but this morning for some reason I was moved to look at one of the posts in more detail.  It is obviously a post that has been translated by Babelfish or some other translation software.   It contained these gems:

“I see fit also be examining an respected and now in a chap-fallen moon discussed come across of American healthcare the awesome amount of mazuma, hour and nervous struggle Americans allot to trashy or even-tempered nocuous practices, what I conclude license the duty of conjuring in healthcare.”

“It has increased the some of insured, as a rule in the halfway point peppy junior adults”

I used to be one of those “peppy junior adults” but then I reached menopause.    I was at a party the other night and I actually allowed the sentence “I am only 57 years old” to come out of my mouth.   One of my good friends looked at me and said, “What is this “ONLY” 57 thing I hear?   When is anyone only 57?”

I still feel young and confused sometimes, no matter what the number of years is that exists in that statement.

Now, I must go vacuum and clean some bathrooms.  And wash the little sports car before I drive it to pick up its owner.

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