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So I was walking about the place yesterday, marveling at the way it all looks, wondering when the weather will change.   I am in the odd position of having to water some of my flower gardens because it has not really gotten so cool yet that things have gone dormant and we are existing in a rain vacuum that has had a duration of several weeks.

The dianthus in the rock garden are still blooming merrily.

They at least appear to be truly xeric; these two are well established and really don’t seem to care whether they get water or not.   The Petite Prairie is putting on its fall color.

The little birds are enjoying it.  Despite the unseasonable warmth here, it must have chilled down sufficiently to the north of here to send the flocks south.   We now have a whole squadron of juncos patrolling the place, they have been joined by chickadees and a couple of titmice.   The red winged blackbirds flocked a few weeks ago, we still have quite a number of them at the feeder but it looks like the majority of the group have headed south.   I also witnessed a huge flock of well over 500 robins in the area a couple of weeks ago; they have moved on as well.

We know where they are going.  A few years ago we were on a winter vacation trip and outside of Lubbock TX we stopped at a roadside rest area where we discovered thousands of  robins availing themselves of the facilities.

I stopped by the raspberry patch yesterday to do a little desultory weeding and discovered that they don’t think the berry season is quite over.

Being a very nice woman, I did not just pop the whole handful into my own mouth, but shared them.   All three of us mightily enjoyed our two sweet berries.

Out in front there is a miniature rose bush which is still blooming.

As near as I can tell, that is a Fiery Skipper who is resting on the rose.

That’s about it for around here.

We are enjoying Jesse being here.


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