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Busy busy busy

I’m pretty sure I have used that title before on this blog.   There’s a good reason for that, we tend to stay pretty busy around The Havens.

Lately we have been enjoying the presence of the two cousins.   It is really a lot of fun to watch a pair of very intelligent young adults interact using all the methods available to them including their smart phones, Facebook, email, texting and verbal jousting.  All at once.

I have been cleaning house, which has been making me feel a combination of incredibly blessed and overwhelmed with doo-dads at one and the same time.   It occurred to me that it is possible that I may have too many rocks in my house.   Now I realize that there are probably some people out there who would opine that I have too many rocks in my head, but I am not cleaning my brain right now.   Just the hall, living room, and kitchen/family/dining rooms right now.   I have not touched a single closet but I have been cleaning the kitchen cabinets because the little mice crawled all around them looking for food and left their little calling cards all over in there.

I made bread this morning, and as I was doing it I thought that I probably ought to make a photo essay on how I make bread someday.   But not today.   It would be much better if I had a photographer that was making the essay.   I’m not sure how to photograph myself while kneading the dough.

We have been dedicated to the Slow Food movement around here for quite some time.   Maybe we are taking it a bit too far, I don’t know.   All I do know is that when I started to make bread this morning, the first thing I did was get out the Vitamix and the dry container, and then excavate the indian corn I grew last summer from the freezer and grind it into flour.   After that, I also ground wheat, barley, rice and oats.   The other two grains for my seven grain flour I buy already ground into flour.   Rye and buckwheat have not been available in whole grain form.

The bread is in the oven as we speak, and the house is smelling positively delicious.   Jesse told me he could hardly wait for the loaves to come out of the oven.

I even got around to cleaning my shell and fossil collection in the hall way.   So that part of the house is looking quite shiny and beautiful.   I was astonished to find how successful the spider that was living behind the container of shells was.   There were quite a few rather large insect carcasses behind there along with the dust bunnies.

The other day there were some spectacular clouds being whipped around by the high level winds.

The sun managed to peek through an opening in the roiling mass and illuminate the light rain that was off to the east of where I was walking Ruby.

My camera showed its limitations with this shot.   I could clearly see three bands of red in that rainbow, but you only get the hint of the third band in that picture.

There was a flock of cedar waxwings enjoying the windstorm.    They were flying across the open field in little forays.   In between legs of the journey they would rest in the oak trees and talk about the situation.

Another thing that occupied our attention recently was the big birthday party/blues jam out at Mike Hahns place.   This is a traditional party that has been happening for well over a decade.   Pretty much anybody who is a blues musician in the Lake of the Ozarks area comes to this amazing cabin out in the middle of the woods, and plays music.   The music starts about 4 p.m. and goes until no one wants to play any more, usually over around dawn the following day.   Some bands come and play a set and then go off to their regular Saturday night gig, some bands play their gigs and then pack up their stuff and come down to the party after the bars have closed, and some bands just don’t schedule a gig the night of this party and play all evening.    In addition to the potluck of food inside, there is a huge bonfire outside.   You can clearly hear the music there as the whole entire house acts like a sound box for the bands inside.

The music was fantastic.

We took a pan of baklava and a batch of flourless chocolate cake cupcakes.   There were none left to bring home, thank heavens.   I experieneced a personal miracle in that I ate plenty of goodies at that party and did not have to go through the agony of seeing my weight go up as a result.   It probably helped that I was the designated driver for the group, so I was not able to add calories to my intake through beer and wine.

Well, that’s about it for now.   We are in the throes of preparing thanksgiving dinner.  So far the frozen nougat terrine is ready.   Once the chocolate and raspberry sauces are finished, dessert will be ready.   We may have mentioned this dessert before on The Havens.   If we haven’t, well, here’s a little reminder.

Try not to drool on your keyboard.

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