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New camera

I have to say that I have had a very humbling experience in the last few weeks.

My brother got himself a new digital SLR camera, and back when I was going through the dumps he inquired as to whether I would be amenable to taking custody of his old SLR, an Olympus E1.   Perhaps it is “old technology” now, but I have been rather lusting after another SLR camera since I sort of gave up using the old film SLR I used to use.   So, I agreed to a custody arrangement, and the Division of Camera Services approved my application for foster parentage.   In due time, the camera arrived in a very portentously heavy box, complete with insurance, signature upon delivery required.

Very excited, I opened the box, and found not only the camera, but a 14-42mm lens, a comprehensive instruction manual, all  the paperwork and instructions in several foreign languages that came with the camera when originally purchased, software for allowing the camera to talk to the computer, 7 extra 1 gigabyte memory cards, and extra battery and charger, all the cords necessary for connecting the camera to other electronic devices, and a rather wonderful camera bag.


My IT guy installed the appropriate software, we put the battery in the camera and turned it on.   My, my, my.   It takes pictures!

It takes pictures exactly as you instruct it to, which means that so far I have had no particularly good luck with my essays to the garden and house.   I have discovered that I need to use a tripod if I am going to take pictures inside without a flash in my rather comfy but dim house.  I have discovered that the camera has its own way of interpreting what it is seeing, and it is very different from the results you get with a point and shoot.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the point and shoot sort of cameras that I have been using for the last five or six years have made me technology dependent.   Some people might even say that the P&S sort of camera is mostly idiot proof.  What I have discovered, to my chagrin, is that I am apparently an idiot.

I spent a pleasant afternoon the other day reading the entire instruction manual in an attempt to get a handle on this camera.

This is the best shot I have gotten so far.

I’m sure there will be more to come as I become more familiar with my new toy.

In other news, we had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, sister, and son all in attendance along with my very good friend Kathryn, who was visiting me from Asheville.   It was an evening completely devoid of drama, and so everyone had a wonderful time.

The food was wonderful.

The last three Thanksgivings for Jesse were spent in Iraq, so he was very thrilled to get to experience a fresh home cooked meal for the occasion.

Kathryn and Jesse helped me paint my utility room while they were here.   Not only do the walls look fresh and new and unblemished, everything got taken out of all the cabinets and closets and cleaned before being replaced.   I even threw a few things away, although I was gratified to learn that there isn’t a lot of stuff in there that doesn’t get used on a fairly regular basis.

I feel renewed by the “girl time” that I got while Kathryn was here.  It was so wonderful to see her.

I have signed up for the Nablopomo December “blog post every day for a month” challenge.   So we will see how that goes.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying some light snow and brisk winds.

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