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I mentioned yesterday that I had decided to accept the Nablopomo December challenge to post once every day for the entire month.   I was intrigued by the theme, which they defined thusly:  “. . . this month’s theme is ZEITGEIST. You have 31 days to try to capture the mood of your culture and your life as they exist right now. Use every tool in your blog box.”    I vaguely recalled hearing that term in some art history course or something, but I wasn’t totally sure what the definition was so I grabbed my handy dictionary and looked it up.

“The taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation,” is how my American Heritage Dictionary defines it.

“I can get into this,”  I thought.   All day thoughts arose in my mind about how to explain the zeitgeist of my life to all of you:  both the regular visitors and commenters and the casual droppers by who stop by when I participate in certain memes.   What is characteristic of this household, something that would define us and give a feel for our philosophy of life and what is to our taste?

I’m not sure exactly what “defines” us here.   Perhaps it is the commitment to controlling what we eat as much as possible.

It occurred to me as I was folding the daily batch of massage linens that perhaps that activity might best define the boundaries and limits of our Universe here at The Havens.   Since I am a massage therapist, there are lots of linens to wash, every day.

Sometimes when I do laundry I envision how my sheets would look if they went through their path of travel without me being in the picture.   There would be these disembodied pieces of fabric flying down the hall and pouring themselves into the hamper, then leaping in a bunch and shaking themselves out as they flung themselves into the washer. Later they shuffle wetly through the short space from washer to dryer, and then flip and flop about in the livingroom as they magically made themselves into flat folded packets that then pile themselves up and march sedately down the hall to finally come to rest at the bottom of a pile of sheets in the cupboard, where they are stored.  Over the course of a few days, they rise to the top of the pile, sail out of the cupboard, unfold themselves in a wave and then float down onto the massage table, only to begin their cycle once again.

While I was walking Ruby today I realized that that could be the defining aspect of the culture of this house.   The dog gets walked.   Regardless of weather, state of mind or health, the dog gets outside where she can empty her bladder and bowels in the fresh air and where she can sniff the neighborhood’s odors and secrets out to her heart’s content.

The following photo vignette exemplifies one of the pitfalls of having a few more interests and activities going on than one can really keep track of.  This is what I found under the back of the couch when I was vacuuming today.

That is all that is left of the seeds I saved from the heirloom tomatoes that we grew this year that were SOOOO good.   The little mice ate them all up right before I put out traps and killed them all.  I guess the seeds were just as tasty and exotic as the tomatoes themselves were.   Fortunately I can get seeds from the gal I got the tomatoes from.   I need to figure out a better way to store my seeds too.

Zeitgeist.   It’s complicated.

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