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Rock love

I have what might be called an obsession.  I really do love rocks, especially interesting ones.

I never did have one of those commercial Pet Rocks that were a huge fad lo these many decades ago, although I could understand why someone might have one.   After all, I have quite a few “pet rocks” scattered about my house.  I even have a couple I use as door stops.

There are only a few rooms in this house that don’t have their quota of rocks displayed, one is the back bathroom.   I suppose the only reason there isn’t a rock in there is that there really isn’t room.

This is what occupies my kitchen window sill.   These are all rocks I found while floating, and I call them the River Valentines.

Just part of the ambience here at The Havens.

Sometimes I wonder what in the world I would do if I was a nomad.

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