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Photohunt: Funny

The subject for today’s Photohunt is “Funny.” Since I’m also engaged in the Nablopomo December challenge “Zeitgeist”, I am trying to make this post fit the bill for both.

I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate the “culture and habits” here at The Havens than to provide a short photo essay featuring dinner preparations here.   Last night, our niece was dropping by for short visit.   This is the last time we’ll see her before she and her mother leave for their European Christmas vacation, which includes a fabulous Christmas dinner in Paris as well as attending performances of “The Nutcracker Ballet” in London, and Strauss’ “Die Fledermaus” in Vienna.  Believe me, I am suitably jealous.

However, Jim felt that it would be appropriate to have a rather festive meal, and so he decided to make “European Style Pepper Steak,” which was accompanied by mashed potatoes (Yukon golds we grew ourselves) and a salad (freshly picked from the cold frames).

“Okay, so what is funny about that?” I hear you asking.

Not a darn thing, really.   I do have to say that the brandy cream pepper sauce over the steaks and mashed potatoes may possibly be the most divine thing I have put in my mouth lately.  Unless it is the “Lemon Confit Shortbread Tart” that our niece made for dessert.   That was darned fine eating too, savory and satisfying and just sweet enough.

However, what IS funny is the expression on guests’ faces when you add the brandy to the pan full of bubbling hot butter and crushed peppercorns for the beginning of the cream sauce reduction.

The pillar of fire in the kitchen always gets a reaction.  This is truly food preparation as performance art.

Well, excuse me now, but I have to go clean the kitchen ceiling.

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