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Full lunar eclipse and Solstice

The weatherman informed us last night that we should take note of how amazing the astronomical events are this twenty four hours.   We had a full lunar eclipse last night, on the same day as the Winter Solstice.

The last time those two occurred in conjuction was 1638, according to the NASA site.   The next one will be in 2094.

The weatherman also told us that we probably wouldn’t get to see the eclipset due to the cloud cover he expected would move in and stay in.

I guess there were enough petitions to the weather gods that they decided to listen to us star gazers, because when we got up at 2:30 a.m. there were smallish puffy clouds blowing past at a great rate in a virtually clear, star-studded sky.

Jim, Jesse and I all admired the shadow on the face of the moon.   I stayed up for the beginning of totality, and then came back to bed.

It was so very, very cool.   I hope you all were able to enjoy the phenomenon.

Tonight, we have a bonfire to celebrate the Solstice, which will involve eating and drinking with our friends.  The sauna will be hot too, so likely quite a few people will enjoy that as well.

I’ve been cleaning house obsessively, of course.   Jim made scotch eggs and we roasted a turkey.

I think I’m ready for the holiday season now.

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