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Happy Solstice!

We did indeed experience weather synchronicity and the heavy clouds parted just long enough for us to witness the totality of the lunar eclipse.   Some of our friends who have a hot tub sat out in it for the entire length of time and saw the whole thing.

We had a party to celebrate.

This is the way the potluck table shaped up.   What is not on it is the wheel of brie and the olive tapenade and the crackers, which were on the peninsula to the right.

We ate, drank and were merry.   Lots of people took saunas.  There was so much hot water in the tank after the party, and we had to drain it because it was going to get cold the next few days and we didn’t want it to freeze in the tank.   So I took a very long, luxurious, “Hollywood” shower before Jim started draining the tank.   There was a bonfire, which I looked at while I was standing in the shower, feeling the slight cold breeze against my skin.   Every once in a while I’d turn around so the other side could get the warm water.   I also admired the full moon.

The bonfire is still burning as we speak.   Jim and I have been feeding it all day.   Just for fun, and for the love of fire.

A lot of people were here.   I didn’t take pictures of them because I was too busy eating, and drinking, and socializing, and having fun.   I did grab a picture of the food, and then I was entertained by the utility room, where my guests had stashed things.

I thought it looked pretty festive.  There were lots of presents exchanged at this party.   I received a new ornament for the tree.   I’m not sure this beautiful silver tarantula will spend the year in my Xmas box.   I think I can find places for it to occupy during the rest of the year.

We did have a “dirty Santa” gift exchange too, which was a lot of fun.  We make it voluntary, people who don’t want to participate don’t have to.   I should have taken a picture of the bowls that Stan and Karen put in; Stan turned them both from lumps of walnut.  Very beautiful.   I got a bird house gourd, and Jim got this wooden vase.  It was made and contributed by our friend, Don.

The wood was pecan that had spalted in the wood pile.   He turned it, and polished it.  I feel honored to have it gracing my home.

My parents were able to come to the party, which was a blessing.   They are not as young as they once were, and they proved last week that they don’t bounce as well as they used to, but quite a lot better than their peers.

Well, I have to get up early tomorrow.   So I need to get to bed.

I just ran out and took this picture of my fire, about two minutes ago.  It’s 9:20 p.m.

Happy Solstice to you all.   May you be blesssed.

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