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There was a lot of noise last night, I couldn’t sleep.   There were loud booming noises and I kept thinking that burglars were at the gate and I was just restless.   Then this morning it was so wet and the wind was wild and She didn’t really want to be out in it even though She walked around a bit outside.

She had to put that stuff from the bucket in the kitchen that smells so interesting onto the pile of old leaves at the back of the place.   She did a thing with a stick in a pot of water and said something about almost two inches of rain last night but I didn’t really catch it all because I was smelling a rabbit which turned out to be frozen at the top of the dill hill and so I had to chase it.   When I got back She was back inside with that ash bucket that makes me move away from the stove every morning.

I think this is the best.   Really.   Well, except I love to have my ears rubbed and lately there have been a lot of young people around who seem to think they have nothing better to do than rub my ears and I will say that I could do this all day.   Really.

So while I couldn’t sleep last night I started thinking about stuff — yes I DO think sometimes no matter how many times They say silly dog — and I remembered some stuff that happened since the last big dark night season.   Last time this year I got to play in the snow a lot.  It was very cold but it didn’t matter because after we were done having fun we could come back in and enjoy the stove.

It was great and She took me on very interesting walks at a spot pretty far from here.  I mean it involves a car ride where the wind gets so stiff it blows my eyelids back but out there there are ponds and lots of animals to sniff and piles of leaves and ticks too unfortunately but we must put up with some bad stuff to have the good stuff and that place is really good.  Anyway, we went there a lot and She spent a lot of time pointing that little box She carries around at the hard water.

Sometime back there right around the time the weather warmed up my cat friend went to sleep and got very cold — colder than usual.   I haven’t seen him around since then I’m not sure where he went but I miss him.

I guess She does too sometimes She sighs very hard.   Anyway I missed him so much at first it made me very worried when She went away for a long trip someplace They kept calling Costa Rica.   Oh yeah, He went too before her but I’m afraid I didn’t really notice it that bad because She was here and then when She went off I started wondering if She was ever coming back like that cat and then I just couldn’t eat I wasn’t hungry.

But then She came back.   It was great.

We went for lots of walks and every week my friends would come to pet my ears and then they’d go off into the forbidden room with Her and spend an hour there and then they’d come out and my friends would be all smiling and relaxed and they’d pet my ears some more and then they’d say “see you later, Ruby!”   When the weather turned hot the Boy Turned Man came to visit with a sweet smelling girl who liked to rub my ears too.   And that was great.

Around that same time things seemed to go all topsy turvy around here They started getting up before the sun which They never did much before.  It was very confusing They would go around doing stuff and then He would leave for a long time and come back in the afternoon.   This has been going on for a long time now even months and They don’t show any signs of changing back to the other way where They would sleep until the sun rose like any normal animal would do.  But every once in a while They kiss each other and say “It’s worth it, the finances are improving and we’ll get to go on a cruise” which I don’t really understand except for that last word which I remember last time involved them being gone ForEver and I didn’t like it.

Then They decided to move the furniture all around which was extremely confusing and boring.

Then all sorts of people came to visit there was a party or something with lots of food and then TBTM and the girl came again and a lot of other people, which was great because they petted my ears but for a while She was very busy doing something or other with a buzzing machine and lots of prickly things that you don’t want to accidentally eat because they hurt the inside of your mouth.

He seemed to think it was a good thing when She finally let him have it after a party that involved all the family people and a bunch of colored paper and ribbons.   I don’t understand why people have to put extra furs on themselves and they are never the same and beautiful and sleek like mine, but all different colors and smells.   It just takes them so long to get ready to go for a walk sometimes.   You know it hardly takes me any time my shoes are always on.

Anyway, here it is a whole cycle of seasons gone by.   I heard Her say that they couldn’t make the same resolution as they did last year, which was “no new projects” even though they were quite successful at keeping that resolution.   I don’t know what it means but I’m sure that it will involve digging dirt and moving rocks which I always think is a lot of fun.   So interesting smellwise, you know.

Anyway, She seems to be putting her shoes on so I think we are probably going to go for a walk now.

Gotta go, you all take care and I’ll talk to you later.

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